19 Epic Good Omens London Locations for the Ineffable Explorer

If you’re obsessed with Good Omens like me, you caught several of the real Good Omens London locations on screen.

Where was the show filmed in London? And are there any Good Omens filming locations you can actually visit in London today?

The answer is: yes. If you’re coming to visit London, you have to see these spots for a great photo op and get yourself ready for Season 3 (finally officially announced!).

Here’s a nice and accurate Good Omens tour of London, so you can relive the heartbreak, magic, and ineffable heavenly delights of this exquisite show (and book).

a good omens guide to london: black background with white angel wings and white text overlaid : "good omens guide to london" with a red telephone box in the middle of the angel wings

Good Omens Tour of London Map

a good omens tour of london map: map of central london with tiny black angel wings marking good omens filming locations in london

I’ve created an easy map for you to follow along on our Good Omens tour of London, which you can find here, or embedded at the end of this post.

Use this map when you’re out and about in London to see if there are any Good Omens London locations near you!

The Most Iconic Good Omens London Locations

Let’s start with those big moments from the show, where the location plays a significant role in the story of Aziraphale and Crowley.

These are the moments and shots from the show you’ll never forget, and exactly where they were filmed.

Get your walking shoes on, and your Kleenex ready.

1. Aziraphale’s Bookshop: a Real Soho Bookshop?

is aziraphale's bookshop a real soho bookshop? Image of Berwick Street in Soho, the street that inspired Neil Gaiman's fictional "Whickber Street"

Aziraphale’s bookshop – A.Z. Fell & Co. – is unfortunately not a real book shop you can visit in London. 

Good Omens season 1 crew built an entire faux Soho at Bovingdon Airfield outside of London, with the fictional “Whickber Street” running through it. The bookshop used in the show was part of that bespoke set, and doesn’t actually sit on “Whickber Street” in Soho. 

But you can see the real “Whickber” – err – Berwick Street! Neil Gaiman has said that Berwick street was the actual inspiration for the place and the name is a cheeky (and not very subtle) nod to this iconic Soho street. 

One other place of note near here: 19 Greek Street was a promotional space for the S1 premiere, and was disguised as a bookshop with an entire Good Omens world inside.

Maybe they’ll do the same thing for S3 in Soho? One can pray! 

2. Tavistock Square: the Filming Location for Berkeley Square 

is berkley square in good omens a real place? Yes - but the show wasn't filmed in Berkley Square. Image of Tavistock Square in London, where the scenes in "Berkley" square were shot.

A nightingale sang in…” Tavistock Square? The filming location for Berkeley Square was actually Tavistock Square in Good Omens season one.

The real Berkley Square is in Mayfair, while Tavistock Square is at the other end of Central London, near Russell Square. 

You can visit both locations, but at the real filming location in Tavistock Square, you can sit on the very bench where Crowley and Aziraphale swapped bodies at the end of season one.

3. St. James’s Park 

good omens filming locations in london: image of the iconic St. James's Park in Westminster.

One of the most identifiable and iconic locations where Good Omens S1 was filmed is St. James’s Park, near Buckingham Palace (at least some scenes were shot here, though it’s hard to tell if the closeups were actually filmed here or not).

Where the ducks are used to being fed by secret agents – that’s this classic park, and there is a huge amount of history and lore surrounding the park even outside of the Good Omens universe.

You can sit on the very bench where the angel and the demon talked shop and the antichrist in S1E1, and feed the ducks like they did in S1E3. 

There is another cheeky nod to the covert history of the park in S1E6, when we see two secret agents chatting on the bench discussing the Kraken.

Crowley and Aziraphale appear behind them, buying an ice cream from a vendor. You can do that here, too! Though the ice cream vendors tend to only appear on sunny days (and hopefully you won’t be distracted by a flake and get kidnapped by heaven or hell). 

There’s a great playground in St. James’s Park, too, if you’re visiting London with kids.

4. Battersea Park Bandstand 

good omens filming locations in london: the bandstand. Image of the bandstand in Battersea Park, south of the thames

The emotional and heartbreaking bandstand scene – in S1E3 – was filmed at the Battersea Park Bandstand. This is one of the most iconic spots in the London Good Omens universe. 

You can visit this real place, and pretend you’re Aziraphale having a rendezvous with your favorite demon. Just don’t “break up” with your best friend here! Remember that it’s a big universe, and if it all ends up in a “puddle of burning goo”, at least you can go off together. 

Also filmed here in Battersea park was the Gabriel jogging scene of S1E4, when Aziraphale tries to catch up to the (inexplicably) jogging archangel.

Good Omens Locations in London: Restaurants

Yes, Good Omens was filmed at several restaurants in and around London! Let’s look at a few you’ll recognize and that you can visit today.

5. The Criterion Restaurant as The Ritz

In S1E1, The Criterion Restaurant on Piccadilly stood in for The Ritz.

Unfortunately, you can no longer have the luxurious lunch that Crowley and Aziraphale did: The Criterion Restaurant is now closed. But you can still eat in the very same building.

It’s now part of a chain called Masala Zone, so your lunch will be Indian and not afternoon tea, but it’s cool to see where this iconic scene was shot. 

And if you’re in the mood for “quite extraordinary amounts of alcohol”? Masala Zone can make you a cheeky cocktail. 

6. Sky Garden Restaurants (Heaven’s Top Floor) 

good omens filming locations in london: sky garden restaurant. Image of the sky-high terrace at the top of a London skyscraper that stood in for Heaven's top floor in Good Omens

Scenes where we see Gabriel making very important heavenly decisions were filmed at the Sky Garden, at the top of a very real London skyscraper. 

The views from this place are incredible. And if you can’t stretch your budget for a meal at one of the restaurants here, you can get to the Sky Garden viewing platform for free (though tickets tend to go very quickly and – although free – must be booked in advance). 

7. Best Cafe, Wandsworth

In S1E3 when Crowley meets with Shadwell in the cafe, that cafe is real and it exists! They didn’t even change the name on camera. 

It just doesn’t exist on Google Maps – it seems like an old school greasy spoon, so you’ll have to wander down to Wandsworth to get a full English for yourself. The full address is: 367 Garratt Ln, London SW18 4DY.

8. The Enterprise: Crowley Drowns His Sorrows 

Holborn pub The Enterprise was the actual filming location for Crowley drowning his sorrows after ‘losing his best friend’, S1E5. This is a cozy little pub – maybe go with your best friend (and hopefully one who has not been discorporated)? 

9. Antonella’s Bistro 

There is a short scene in S1E2, about 45 minutes in, where Aziraphale and Crowley are in a cafe, discussing how to track down the antichrist. 

That little scene was filmed at Antonella’s Bistro, and it’s only a 10-minute walk from the Crystal Palace Dinosaurs (down at #16 on this list), so you can make it a Good Omens day out. 

Other Recognizable Good Omens London Locations

Here’s the rest of the filming locations for Good Omens in London that you can visit today.

10. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

recognizable london locations where good omens was filmed: shakespeare's globe theatre. image of the exterior of the theatre from the street

S1E3 Sees Crowley and Aziraphale at the iconic Globe Theatre seeing Hamlet, with Shakespeare himself encouraging more engagement from the audience. 

Although this Globe is not the original (it’s a replica), those scenes were shot inside, and it’s an incredible experience to see a show at this ineffable venue.

11. Broadgate Tower, Bishopsgate

Those mind-bending reflective escalators that go down to heaven and up to hell? The effect was movie magic, but the real escalators where this was filmed is in the city of London.

Just inside the entrance to Broadgate Tower, you can stand where Crowley and Aziraphale went to their separate “offices”. (This is a private office building, and they may or may not let you in the lobby for a photo).

12. Abingdon Street & Westminster Abbey

good omens london locations where the show was filmed: image of Abingdon Street, which runs between Westminster Abbey and Parliament. The witchfinder scenes were shot here.

In S1E2, Shadwell and Newton meet for the first time on Abingdon Street, which runs between Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

The little court where Shadwell makes Newton treat him to a tea from the hot dog truck is right next to the Statue of George V, which you can see in some shots of this scene.

13 & 14: Carlton House Terrace & Waterloo Place

where was good omens filmed in london? Some scenes were shot here, at the steps past the Duke of York monument. The steps lead away from St. James's Park and up to Carlton House Terrace and Waterloo Place.

As they leave St James’s Park, Crowley and Aziraphale walk the nearby steps (past the Duke Of York monument) onto Carlton House Terrace. The discussion they have here is important – will they continue to work together? 

Crowley’s Bentley is parked on Carlton House Terrace at the end of the steps, in it’s in the process of being ticketed. The pair agree to go to lunch, then Crowley zooms away up Waterloo Place, leaving the parking enforcement officer with an exploding ticketbook. 

Both the steps and Carlton House Terrace are excellent locations for a Good Omens photo op for Instagram

15. Hornsey Road & Cardwell Road, Islington 

In S1, exterior shots of Shadwell’s and Madame Tracy’s flat were shot in this leafy little section of North Islington. You’ll recognize signs for the Islington Gazette at 508 Hornsey Road, and Pizza Bella at 510 Hornsey Road, N19. 

The scenes where Madame Tracy and Shadwell are propelled along the road were shot not too far away on residential street Cardwell Road, N7. 

16. Crystal Palace Dinosaurs

where was the filming locations for the dinosaur park in good omens? At Crystal Palace! Pictured are the stone dinosaur statues that the park is famous for.

In S1E1, when Aziraphale and Crowley are spying on the “antichrist” and his mum as they wander through a park, the angel and the demon are sitting on a bench in Crystal Palace. 

If you’re heading south to Crystal Palace, also stop at Antonella’s Bistro, #9 on this list, for a Good Omens bite.

17. Eastfields Avenue, Wandsworth 

In S1E6, we see Crowley walking away from his flat (which we can assume is supposed to be South of the Thames, the polar opposite Aziraphale’s shop, which is north).

He sees his vintage car parked outside after Adam has “reset” the world, so his beloved car has been brought back from destruction. 

That scene was filmed on Eastfields Avenue, SW18, that’s surrounded by high rise modern flats.

Good Omens Filming Locations Outside London

There are a few filming locations not far outside of London. Up for a day trip to see the charming villages outside the metropolis? Let’s go.

18. Hambledon – the Real Tadfield 

where were the good omens scenes in Tadfield shot? Right here, in the quaint and idyllic village of Hambledon in Hampshire. Picture is the central chapel in the middle of the village.

This gorgeous little village in Hampshire was the filming location for many of the Tadfield scenes in S1. It’s a 2 hour train to nearby Portsmouth, and this area is also near Southampton if you want to take a trip to the Titanic Museum. 

19. Painshill Park, Surrey – Hogback Wood

Just past Hampton Court Palace is idyllic Painshill Park in Surrey, which is where many scenes set in Hogback Wood were filmed. There is a real crater here, formed by a WWII bomb. 

Good Omens London Map: Follow Along!

Have an ineffable time seeing all these iconic London spots, and use the live map below to navigate.

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Did I miss any Good Omens London locations? Please email me at jen (at) London in Real Life (dot) com so I can add to the list.

And once Season 3 comes out, you know I’ll be back to update this post!

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